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Google, Me Too – annual edition

What was announced was all a little ho hum. Even the presenters seemed a little non plussed although it did get better. I did only watch the edited presentation though.

World’s worst kept secret. Google Pixel 4.

Pricing here in Australia is ok. Although for just a little more theres the iPhone 11.

Its an alright update. Apple seems to have jumped ahead in terms of lens but it’ll be interesting to see if the Pixel keeps its photo crown.

The jury is out on gesture controls. Its nice to not see a notch. Is it enough to make a mark even in the Android market? The 3a. I’m just saying.

Being where I am, we only got the revised Nest Mini and Nest Wifi. Good iterative updates. The Nest Wifi inheriting smart speaker functionality is a no brainer.

Unfortunately Australia doesn’t get the Pixelbook Go. This is positioned more as a regular device where last years ambitious tablet went down in flames.

I don’t know that Google weren’t wrong in what they wanted the tablet to be. Its just that it was half baked, going by the reviews. Microsoft are having a tilt at this with the Surface Pro X. The Pro X may go over better as Microsoft are pushing aggressively and it is running Windows.

Thats all folks.

Addendum. As of time of writing. Google and retailers are doing $150 redeemable vouchers on the Pixel 4.