Mac futures

So what is the future of the Mac ? A lot of discussion has resurfaced again. Dan Benjamin tweeted recently: Anyone who doubts that AppleIs (slowly) phasing out the Mac is either confused or not paying attention.#FightMe — Dan Benjamin ? (@danbenjamin) December 29, 2017 John Dvorak devoted another article to the Mac being phased […]

Unifly Launchpad – Drone Map

As part of my drone pre-flight checklist, I use Unifly Launchpad as a guide to what CASA regulations there are for that location. As a novice UAV pilot, theres a steep learning curve. CASA has been very generous with its regulations in allowing drones to be used with very little restriction or tracking. Launchpad is […]


Miniflux is a simple fast web based RSS reader. Its quick and easy to install. Only needing a webserver and php. Data is stored in SQLITE. Most importantly: Responsive design. So it works with mobile devices and desktops. Open source. So it can be self hosted. Or if you want the developer offers a hosted […]

In praise of trucks

So after much waiting. We got new MacBook Pros. Along with an avalanche of critique from all corners. This was bound to happen. All that pent-up waiting meant a level of expectation which was going to be impossible to assuage. Even Tim Cook felt enough to write an affirmation of Apple’s continued development of Macs […]