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Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

TLDR, go see it.

Like a lot of entertainment these days. If it interests, then go.

Its a genuinely entertaining movie. Margot Robbie unleashes the full spectacle that is Harley Quinn because they got an MA15+ rating. Thats an R in the US apparently.

Its definitely not a kids film. Theres some violence, drinking, drug references and a good sprinkling of the F bomb. But neither is there nudity or extreme graphic violence.

Robbie is almost transcendent as Harley. Its a role she fits like a glove. A lot like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Its a kind of, “Whoaw. Where did that come from.”. Where the character gives the actor full lee way and they don’t put a foot wrong.

The movie captures Harley spot on. Following her as she deals with her break up with the Joker. The story kicking up a gear when its clear she no longer has Mr J’s protection. The Birds of Prey forming as a consequence.

Stop reading from here on down as I’m going to discuss a little deeper. *SPOILERS COMING, sorta*.

DC took away a lot of lessons from Suicide Squad. Both have a lot to like about the concept. As comics, they’ve done well.

Crucially where Suicide Squad veered off into standard “save the world” territory and hits problems. Birds of Prey keeps it to the characters and stays away from generic superhero movie tropes.

The movie isn’t without its faults.

Its a juggle to do justice to this many characters when Harley is clearly the star. The results are mixed based on the screen time and what they were given to do.

Every actor brought great presence and good comic chops. This version of the Birds of Prey is very much a remix. Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Black Canary) is a stand out.

Cassandra Cain isn’t the comics version. Cass here is very much a character put together for this movie. Ella Jay Basco is street smart and feisty in the role though. Where they go by the end is more difficult to say.

It suffers from the usual under developed bad guy. Ewan McGregor is solid. He isn’t phoning it in. The Black Mask and his sidekick, Victor Zsasaz, just don’t have all that much to do other than be menacing. Even then, McGregor is likeable.

Any movie featuring a large cast of women seems to get a lot of criticism nowadays. BoP is unashamedly all about the ladies. But I don’t think its going all out on the gender politics.

I don’t rate a movie based on its box office or buy into all the conjecture. The Deadpool movies suffer a lot of the same problems. Yet they get a pass.

Hopefully we get to see more of Harley and the ladies of Gotham.

BTW the soundtrack is a corker.