Google, Me Too – annual edition

What was announced was all a little ho hum. Even the presenters seemed a little non plussed although it did get better. I did only watch the edited presentation though. World’s worst kept secret. Google Pixel 4. Pricing here in Australia is ok. Although for just a little more theres the iPhone 11. Its an […]

AMD production analysis

Stellar analysis of AMD’s current state. TLDR, demand for EPYC and the potential revenue is too hard to ignore. AMD having gained some advantages over Intel in this space. Enough that the high end market is switching. So the bulk of AMD’s production targets are shifting that way. Desktop CPUs and GPUs then have to […]

New Defender

Wow. The new Defender is … something else. Feature packed would put it mildly. It certainly looks the part and reviews show its capable. However Defenders of old had the reputation of being long lived and repairable. We’ll find out soon enough. Times change. Or maybe they don’t have to.