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QLC NAND & more – the Intel roadmap

Intel just announced their roadmap for storage. Anandtech got the full scoop.

Their enterprise storage game is strong. Optane at the enterprise level is going to provide significant benefits in being able to quickly restart / recover and maintain persistent data readily.

The final measure, as with anything, will be the price. But for mission critical corporate and server applications it should be an easy sell.

On the consumer front, Intel’s QLC NAND has been extremely succesful. The 660P has been a winning combination of price and performance. Linus gave a good run down on it.

Theres clear benefits and problems with it. The key ones being sustained throughput drop off and life span.

However Linus does come around and I’d agree. For general consumer use, the price / performance is hard to beat.


The Jack Conte through line

Heather Elizabeth’s voice is just amazing.
Love the intro where the band smashes the songs together.
A straight up fun song cover.
Hardware Tech

US tariff exemptions on some computer parts

Say, “Thank you Apple”. According to Reuters, Apple won some exemptions from the US trade regulators on certain computer parts.

Specifically around the new Mac Pro. Partially because they’ll continue to build the Mac Pro in Austin, Texas.

The knock on is that these exemptions look to be across the board as it benefits general PC makers and likely retail computer parts.


Contactless payment on Sydney public transport

Ditching another card from my wallet. The Opal payment system can now take contactless payment across all Sydney buses, trains, light rail, Metro and ferries.

With full travel benefits :

  • $2 discount for every transfer between modes (train, ferry, bus or light rail) as part of one journey. The Opal Transfer Discount does not apply when transferring between light rail and Sydney Ferries.
  • Half price travel after eight paid journeys in a week.
  • Fares capped daily, weekly and on Sundays.
  • 30% discount on train fares outside peak times.

Full details at Transport NSW’s site posted on the 23rd September 2019.

Movies Music

I am so sad. I am so very very sad.

A musical super cut. Now where did I put the soundtrack CD ?